Email Appending

Email Appending

The motto of Email Database is ‘Right Customers Right Time’. This is to ensure that when you use our email appending service, we can help you to reach to the required customer in due time. In other words, we help you to reach the unreachable. Whether a client is too far, in another country, or whether the service of the client demands requires more than the time you have; we can do it all, and help you to do it all too!


Email Appending Service at

So what is Email appending? Email appending is a very effective marketing strategy where a customer’s information or personal data (like name, last name, address at al) is taken into account and are compared to the vendor’s (your) database. What this does, is the already present details of the customer can be discovered, and this can help you to find your customer’s email id. Discovering the email id helps for advertisement purposes.

Why is that?

  1. Email advertisement and promotion is easier compared to promotion via traditional and manual mail.
  2. It is way cheaper to carry out the campaign via e-mails than traditional mail.
  3. The campaign promotion occurs at the click of a mouse button; emails are just a click away. Traditional emails can take literally a lifetime, depending on the courier service and local mail system.
  4. They are also easier for the customers. If not interested; the customer can dispose of the email easily
  5. Email appending will help your campaign to reach to further places. Remember the times when you wish you could reach the customers outside your city, state or country? But overseas campaigning might be just out of your budget. Email appending makes campaigning overseas easier and increases affordability.
  6. Email appending can be of two types, the opt-in and the opt-out type. Vendors that use the opt-in type of email appending make lives a lot easier for the customers. And that is exactly the policy we follow at Your customer will be more than thankful to you for asking their opinion on the campaign and whether or not they are interested.

Email appending depends on the quality of database of the vendor. This is where our other services along with e-appending go hand in hand to help your campaign reach its potential.

For campaigning or advertising one of the most important things you need to pay attention to is your data or the data you are providing your customers. Flawed, imperfect data is not only inconvenient for your customers it will make your campaign and hard work looks less promising. We at are here to help. Keep your worries at bay, as we will append and fill up any holes you have in your precious promotional data. So with a perfect email database, you can track down the email ids of your customers in an easier fashion, and help your campaign bloom!